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4 reasons why pharma can’t ignore social media

Almost 70% of Australians are active on social media networks and one in 20 Google searches are for health-related questions, but pharmaceutical companies lag behind other industries and have yet to embrace social media to engage with healthcare professionals and patients.

Marketing has become a two-way conversation and social media is key to online influence, but pharmaceutical companies are spending up to eight times less than other leading industries on digital marketing, according to digital experts.
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5 ways to make your brand shine at APP 2017

We all know that APP is the biggest and most influential conference in pharmacy’s calendar year, but knowing how your brand can best leverage this is another story.

It’s that time of year again: APP. Everybody is there.

You‘ve pulled together the stand, your satchel insert is pretty effective and your barista makes a good coffee.

You even have a dance crew, Instagram photographer or promotional team tearing it up in the trade-floor aisles drawing the crowds to your stand.

You’re making your brand sizzle. But is this enough to make that lasting impression on your customers? Read more

New features for Medical Observer website

Medical Observer has been getting an update recently, with the introduction of blogs and the roll out of infinite scroll. Read on to learn more about why we chose these features, and how they’re performing so far.

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Get More From Your Multichannel Marketing

Pharma’s Digital Future: Getting more from your multichannel marketing will be held November 24, 2016 in Sydney. Click here to book your tickets now.

Prime Academy started in 2016, with an awareness that while healthcare and pharma face unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to marketing, there is no specific educational program/body that is exclusively focused in this area. In addition, a lack of transparency means marketers often don’t know who is doing it well, so uptake of new technology and innovations can be slow.

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Social Media and Medical News: what’s driving social traffic?

Social Media and Medical News

Sometimes, it seems that ‘social’ is the marketing buzzword of 2016. Everywhere you look, you’re being told: YOU NEED TO BE ON SOCIAL.

It’s easy to see why. Across our GP mastheads, traffic from Facebook has increased more than 155% compared to in 2015. These days, Facebook is the way a growing number people get their news – and as we know already, GPs are people too!

So, it’s obvious why social is a key part of any media or marketing strategy. But what do HCPs want to see and engage with while they’re on Facebook? Read more

The changing media market

Bryn McGeever, Managing Director of Australian Doctor Group, discusses the changing media market and what that means for our healthcare publications.

Print engagement holds whilst online engagement grows.

This week sees the publication of the annual MPA readership survey – a survey designed to measure the readership of print publications within the Australian healthcare media marketplace. Although the market has changed, the undeniable strength of print is clear to see. Read more

There’s no such thing as an average GP

Each year, Australian Doctor takes on a new editorial project, designed to explore stories that aren’t covered by the day to day reporting of GP news. Here, editor Jo Hartley explains the idea behind their latest project, Doctors of Australia.

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An introductory guide to advertising on Facebook

By Ashleigh Gardiner, Digital Marketing Manager at Australian Doctor Group 

Facebook has changed not only the way we connect with friends and family, but also the way we as marketers can communicate with our audiences online. However, the shift from traditional, in your face branded ads to more authentic and valuable brand messaging is one that many companies are still coming to terms with.

We now have unprecedented access to our audience online, but they also have more control over what they see – and if your ads aren’t adding value, they won’t think twice about turning you off. This means that relevant, targeted messaging is crucial to getting your Facebook ads seen. Read more

Everything you didn’t realise you needed to know about emoji

By Ashleigh Gardiner, Digital Marketing Manager at Australian Doctor Group 

What Are Emoji?

Emoji have been popular since they were first created in Japan in the 90’s, but didn’t see widespread adoption in Western cultures until after the emoji keyboard was included in an Apple OSX update in 2011.

More than 1,300 emoji are currently supported

New emoji are added each year to include new symbols and items that are significant to and a reflection of the range of cultures around the world. Read more

Think Different – Taking Pharma Social

The New Social for Pharma
Ashleigh Gardiner, Digital Marketing Manager @ Cirrus Media
This post is the first in a series on the how and why of social for pharma.

While it’s safe to say social media now plays a major role in our lives, both at work and at home, we as pharma marketers still seem to be avoiding the adoption of these channels as part of our communication strategies.
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